Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Throwback Story: A Life In Japan (1)

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Ab und zu möchte ich gerne ein wenig über meine Zeit in Japan schreiben. Ich habe in Tokyo ein Jahr lang leben dürfen (von 2010 bis 2011) und es war ein sehr ereignisreiches Jahr, voller Freude und Tränen (darüber werde ich euch irgendwann mal erzählen ;) ). 
Eins was ich an Japan so geliebt habe, ist die Kombination von Großstadt und Natur. 

Im nächsten Teil schreibe ich vieeeeeel mehr über mein Leben dort und wie alles angefangen hat!

Sometimes I want to tell you about my life in Japan. I lived in Tokyo for a year (2010-2011) and it was a big year for me, full with joy and tears (I will tell you about it another time ;) ).
One thing I loved so much about Japan was the combination of the big city life and the nature.

In the next part I will write moooooreeee about my life there and how everything started!



  1. Beautiful!
    Perhaps you'd like to follow each other on


  2. I would love to hear about your life in Japan - It is a place I have never been to and would love to learn more about! That's the amazing thing about blogging - you meet so many new and exciting people!

    Definitely following you xx

  3. I would love to visit Japan! I took Japanese for a year and loved learning about all the culture and the language I thought was beautiful! I read your bio, and I love film and theatre too! Performing wether to a live audience or a camera gives me such a rush, I love it so much! Maybe you'd like to chat sometime?? Def following!
    Caitlin x.